Case Study

About is a company focusing on OCR technology, which has reached the world’s leading level in OCR, artificial intelligence, image processing and other fields. The core product “business card King ”owns more than 320 million download users worldwide. Main businesses of the company are id card recognition, name card, driving license, company licenses identification etc. Solve the problem of identification of complex scene such by applying AI deep learning technology to the traditional optical recognition, and will store identified structured data in relational and non-relational database, provide enterprises with accurate customer and enterprise information query, personal credit, and risk warning etc., through big data analysis.

Problem Statement/Definition

The current business of is all deployed in the local IDC. The increasing number of users leads to the frequent expansion of local storage capacity, which has reached the PB level. Traditional centralized storage and server no longer meet the demand of elastic expansion and cost optimization due to rapidly growing business. Meanwhile, the existing architecture has no backup and disaster recovery plan, and business continuity cannot be effectively guaranteed in case of failure.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

1. To ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, backup the existing business system to AWS through Cloudberry Enterprise and take over the business on AWS platform.

2. Leverage S3 as the primary storage solution to replace the existing local centralized storage, seamlessly connect the local storage to S3 through AWS storage gateway interface, to achieve low latency access and elastic expansion of local storage by local cache.

3. The PB-level data in the existing centralized storage is uploaded to S3 offline through Snowball and realize remote backup.

4. Do life cycle management through tagging and move expired archived data to Glacier.

Outcomes of Project

1. By backing up the local business system on AWS, the business continuity of key applications is effectively guaranteed.

2. Through AWS storage gateway, the local storage is seamlessly connected with S3, realizing the elastic expansion of local storage to the cloud, and realizing the elastic expansion of storage space in future without purchasing new hardware.

3. Benefit from the persistence and security of S3 services, and significantly reduce costs, with overall cost savings over 40% vs local centralized storage.