IFLYTEK Case Study


IFLYTEK was founded in 1999, this company is well-known as AI and intelligent voice service provider in Asia. IFLYTEK continuously invest in R&D and industry apply in voice recognition, natural language understanding, and machine learning area. As the leading educational technology service provider in China, IFLYTEK integrated the supply chain including teaching, examination, and management products to accomplish maximum demand coverage in intelligent education system industry in China.

Problem Statement/Definition

IFLYTEK previously deployed all the IT system on-premises, the company was facing massive increasing demand of computing resources due to business development. However, traditional IT infrastructure expansion takes several months to finish and requires significant capital investment.

Hardware yearly depreciation also causes large capital and labour investment.

The Company IT system was deployed without DR environment, which means there was no business availability guarantee.

Physical tape library was adopted as DR system, frequent hardware fault negatively affect the backup process, task failure rate is 30%.

Backup data, archived data and in production data were stored in the same IDC, which didn’t meet the security compliance requirements.

Proposed Solution & Architecture

Wangsu re-designed customer IT infrastructure by suggesting customer back up data to AWS, which was aiming to increase the flexibility and reduce cost of customer IT architecture.

Wangsu combined Veritas InfoScale DR system and AWS NingXia resource, built cross DC and geographic location DR architecture solution to ensure customer business service continuity guarantee.

Wangsu also replaced customer previous physical tape backup service by AWS Storage Gateway and Veritas Netbackup services, we stored backup data to AWS S3 and archive data to AWS Glacier to guaranty over 20TB data protection, reduced backup failure rate, accomplished in-production and backup data isolation, and cost reduction of back up process.

Outcomes of Project

IFLYTEK deployed the on AWS DR solution, provide continuity guaranty for in-production IT system.

Replaced physical tape storage by AWS S3 service, increased the backup task success rate to 95%, isolated the in-production data and backup data.

Reduced 30% IT infrastructure cost, improved the operation efficiency and customer satisfaction of Wangsu and AWS.