Kuang Re Primary Storage solution case study


Kuang Re Gaming & Technology Co., Ltd. is an entrepreneurial game company incubating by China‘s top 500 companies. Kuang Re plans to deploy ‘ To Be King’, which is one kind of role-playing mobile game. After tested the latency of AWS Singapore region and Hongkong region, Kuang Re decided to deploy in Singapore region.


  • Storage investment costs are high, need to optimize storage options and improve storage efficiency.
  • Compliance data security requirements.
  • Data stability and availability.
  • Operation and maintenance management personnel input costs.

Solutions & Architecture

1. Store log file in s3.

2. Using different EBS type to reduce cost.

3. Migrate MySQL to aurora, improve the stability and availability of database service.

4. Deploy the applications with ALB and ASG.

5. Use redis to increase data service efficiency.

Outcomes of Project

  1. 1. Log files are stored in AWS S3, and life cycle management archives logs over 6 months to AWS Glacier.
  2. 2. The use of different EBS types to reduce costs is 30% lower than the cost of IDC SAN storage.
  3. 3. Migrating MySQL to Aurora improves the stability and availability of database services, while saving operation and maintenance management personnel costs, saving 45%.
  4. 4. Deploy applications using ALB and ASG.
  5. 5. Using redis to improve data service efficiency, business efficiency increased by 30%.