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1. 下载及安装 TOTP 认证器(Download and install TOTP authenticator)

SecureLink 支持 Google Authenticator、Microsoft Authenticator 等 TOTP 认证器(Securelink supports TOTP authenticators such as Google authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and etc.):

1)iOS 设备(iOS devices):

2)Android 设备(Android devices):

  • Google Authenticator:请扫描下方二维码,或者点击 下载链接 (Please scan the QR code below, or click the download link
  • Microsoft Authenticator:请在应用商店搜索下载(Please download it from the app store)

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2. 绑定 TOTP 认证器

  • 启动 SecureLink 客户端,点击登录(Start the SecureLink APP and click Log In)
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  • 使用安装的认证器,扫描 SecureLink 客户端二维码,或者 手动输入 账户名和密钥(Using the installed authenticator, scan the SecureLink APP QR code, or manually enter the username and key)
    • 账户名:建议格式 SecureLink(登录用户名),如 SecureLink(zhoufw)
    • Account:The recommended format is SecureLink(username)
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  • 输入认证器验证码,点击 验证(Enter the authenticator code and click Continue)
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    3. 绑定成功(Binding succeeded)
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